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Molchanovs junior course

Junior Freediving involves children learning the sport of freediving while holding their breath in a comfortable zone. It is available for children ages 4 - 15. From 4 years old, children learn the basics of floating, swimming, and becoming comfortable in the water. As they get older and progress through each course, they learn the basics of all freediving disciplines, preparing them to become passionate adult freedivers if they choose!
In the process of learning to swim and freedive, children not only learn practical skills in the technical aspects of diving - they also improve their health, become safer in water, and develop a healthy relationship with the ocean


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From as young as 4 years old, children embark on a voyage of discovery, mastering the fundamentals of floating, swimming, and embracing the aquatic realm. As they grow, they delve deeper into the oceanic wonders, honing their skills across various freediving disciplines.


Junior Freediving Education Structure

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