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Freediving in Bangkok

Bangkok has a growing freediving community and access to some great pools for learning or training as a freediver. Many of these pools are 50 meter pools (Olympic size) therefore suited well for training in dynamic apnea. Adding to this is the fact that many pools are a few meters deep that allows for divers to practice duck-diving. Bangkok Freedivers uses multiple pools however the main pool we use at Nichada Thani meets both these requirements.

For open water training, the most popular place close to Bangkok for freediving is Samae San Island (near Rayong and Pattaya). Depending on traffic it is about a 2.5 hour drive from Bangkok. Here you will find enough depth for most beginner and intermediate training and also for the PADI Freediver course (minimum 10 meters) and PADI Advanced Freediver course (minimum 20 meters). Bangkok Freedivers regularly arranges both training and courses in Samae San for open water freediving.

Bangkok Freedivers offers courses, training and workshops regularly in and from Bangkok.

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Freedivers in Bangkok
Freediving in Bangkok


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