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Molchanovs 12-15 year


Course detail


Children begin by learning freediving theory, equalization, the front crawl technique, and STA/DYN/DYNB technique. Later, they learn how to turn complete a pool turn, learn breaststroke and DNF technique, and improve their STA time. Advanced students learn about possible freediving injuries and training methods and slowly increase distances in all disciplines while working on technique.

Junior 12 - 15 y/o Lap courses include:

  • Discover Lap Freediving Experience

  • Lap 1

  • Lap 2

  • Lap 3



Children begin by learning freediving physics, surface swimming techniques, and FIM/CWT/CWTB techniques. Later, they learn about equalization techniques and human anatomy underwater, blackout rescue, experience CNF technique, and improve their FIM/CWT/CWTB performances. Advanced students will learn how to train in open water, understand equalization methods, and improve their FIM/CWT/CWTB/CNF techniques.

Junior 12 - 15 y/o Wave courses include:

  • Discover Wave Freediving Experience

  • Wave 1

  • Wave 2

  • Wave 3

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